Ten Athletes Ride for WBR at the Leadville 100 MTB


Elden and Lisa Nelson have collectively raised over $750,000 for World Bicycle Relief.

Congratulations to the ten athletes who joined up in Leadville, Colorado for the famed Leadville 100 Mountain Bike ‰Û÷Race Across the Sky’. Together, these athletes raised an astounding $170,000 to help mobilize students. Each rider battled the altitude and elements to accomplish their own physical journey while racing for a bigger cause.

“Riding the Leadville Trail 100 is one of those things that cannot be fully captured, no matter how many adjectives you use, until you’ve experienced it yourself. There’s so much emotion and spirit for everyone….it was an epic day that has changed me foreverand for the better. I can’t emphasize enough how much I benefited from the love and support of family, friends, and the WBR crew! Being the object of such generosity and huge assistance made me feel like a princess, albeit a grubby one, all day long!”  -Sarah Barber


Kate Ginsbach from Team WBR is all smiles as she rides to a new personal record.

“It was actually quite humbling having WBR support me for this race and to be a part of a team where each rider took a different path to make it to Leadville but came together as a community dedicated to the same mission. When things were looking pretty rough near the end I thought about all the hard work getting there, the donations my friends made, and the fact that I was being supported by the same organization I was trying to support… well, there was no way I wasn’t going to reach the line.”  – Tim Rugg


Team WBR and Team Fatty riders Dave Thompson and DJ Brooks with WBR Team members Katie Bolling and Claire Geiger.

“I applied for the [Leadville] lottery, but didn’t get in. And I was somewhat relieved because I wasn’t sure I could finish the race. But then Fatty announced that he was looking for people to raise money for World Bicycle Relief, and if they agreed to raise $5,000, they’d get an entry into Leadville. So I applied for his WBR team, and was accepted. And so it began‰Û_It was quite an experience. I’m glad I did it. I’m also glad it’s done. It was by far the hardest physical feat I have ever done.” -Eric Nehrlich

As the day came to a close, every athlete crossed the finish, overcoming highs and lows throughout the day and testing their limits. While each athlete was a winner for the day, the true winners are the individuals that will receive a Buffalo Bicycle thanks to all of the support from this group.

Congratulations and our sincerest thanks to: Elden ‰Û÷Fatty’ Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Eric Nehrlich, Sarah Barber, DJ Brooks, Kate Ginsbach, Dave Thompson, Mike Lewis, David Thompson, and Tim Rugg.

We look forward to taking a group in 2016 and building off of the success in this community. While each person accomplished more than they may have ever imagined, what inspires us is that they did it for a cause bigger than themselves.

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