The BBBB riders complete challenge for WBR

Peg, Malcolm, Ben, Christo and Sally are four intrepid cyclists who set off on their latest challenge to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief. They were very creative with their route and devised “BBBB” which joined up the most north-westerly, the most westerly and the most easterly points of mainland Britain otherwise known as the Brow, Beak and Bum of Britain!



Thanks to their valiant efforts and fantastic fundraising the team have raised over £15,000 which is more than 160 Buffalo Bicycles.

World Bicycle Relief is a cause close to their hearts as the team explains:

All four of us greatly enjoy being able to ride bikes, but we know that many people in the world do not have that privilege. We each have at least one foot and a lot of our hearts in Africa. Ben worked in Zambia from 1970 to 1973. Christo lived and worked in Africa from 1974 to 2009. Malcolm was born in DRC and has worked for over 30 years in Africa. Peg has spent much of the past 15 years walking or cycling in western Mozambique to strengthen primary health care. So we know the power of the cycle in the bush!”

If you want to find out more about their trip head over to their blog on their fundraising page and if you’ve been inspired then why not create your own challenge for WBR.

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