The Students of Ndigwa and Lwanda Secondary Schools Thank YOU!

Eunice Lwanda

A warm thank you to everyone who participated in the Wheels in the Field: Kenya campaign this summer. Our Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP) has launched and 3,000 bicycle distributions are underway. The first school distributions in Kenya took place at Ndigwa and Lwanda Secondary Schools where bicycles are already changing lives. Read on to see how.


“I feel like, wow. It is a great day! …We are thankful and grateful for this day.” –  Ruth, age 16

Ruth is just one of the many students in Kenya whose life has changed with the gift of a bicycle. For students in rural Kenya, especially for girls, the path to education is difficult. Before receiving her bicycle, Ruth woke at 4 a.m. to do her chores and left at 5 a.m. on her two-hour walk to Ndigwa Secondary school. After a long day of studies, Ruth would trek the journey home, fetch water for the family and help with her siblings. The demands on her young life left little time for schoolwork and friends.

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But this summer, thanks to the generous donations to Wheels in the Field: Kenya to benefit BEEP, 180 bicycles were distributed to Ndigwa Secondary School students including Ruth. Ruth loves history and has the dream of becoming a lawyer, and she is determined! With the gift of her new bicycle, Ruth has greater autonomy and a quicker commute to school.

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“I am a girl who is determined to achieve my goals.” –  Cynthia, age 15

Cynthia knows exactly what she wants. She looks to the respected, strong women in her community and in the world and she is modeling herself after them. Just as with every girl in her community, Cynthia’s time is overwhelmed with chores fetching water, cooking, cleaning dishes and the house not to mention the extra studies she does on the weekend. Cynthia is working hard to become a journalist and has a desire to see the world and to travel.


“This bicycle will boost my performance in school and I will be able to be somebody in the future.” –  Mukavale, age 17

Mukavale has the dream to become an atomic engineer. He is a driven young man who aspires to change his life and the lives of his parents and his community. With his new bicycle, his commute went from a two-hour walk to a ten-minute bike ride.

“I’m going to perform better now and I am very happy!” –  Sharon, age 16

Before receiving her bicycle, Sharon had a very long walk and often arrived at school late, which affected her grades and performance. She loves to study chemistry and biology and her long journey was discouraging her. Thanks to her new bike, Sharon is excited that her dream of becoming a nurse can come true. She is grateful and she even promised to make it to school on time now.


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Your support of Wheels in the Field: Kenya is changing lives and building up the entire community. Students like Ruth, Cynthia, Mukavale and Sharon are on the move and are only a handful of the thousands of students in Kenya striving, and often struggling, to reach their goals.

Help us continue the momentum and provide more students with life-changing bicycles.

Learn how you can donate, fundraise or ride for BEEP >

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