2018 Ride On for World Bicycle Relief. Think Global and Act Local

We are so excited for the 4th annual Ride On for World Bicycle Relief! Will you join us from Nov. 26 through Dec. 1 for a weeklong ride on the shores of Watopia and help us create impact in the field?

You can help add to the excitement of the global event! Here’s how you can organize a local event to drive funds and awareness to benefit The Power of Bicycles.

Share the event with your local bike shop

Many bike dealers are looking for ways to keep traffic high in the winter – this is a great way to do just that. Ask your local shop if would open their doors for the special Zwift/WBR event. Many would love to use the event an opportunity to demo Zwift on their trainers. Once you connect with you local shop, encourage them to bring in local cycling celebrities and community members to make a big day of it.

Gather your friends

Do you have space to host some friends and neighbors? Organize a relay at your home or another space with rotating shifts. Or set up trainers next to each other and Ride On. The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to gather with like-minded friends. Consider the Ride On for World Bicycle Relief as a way to double as a fun party for your cycling team or tri club. Here is a set of easy tips to ensure all of your friends are Zwift-ready!

Once you all have what you need, build a distance goal for your group, then start your fundraising effort by setting up a team page here.

Use your office space

Have a work space that is cycling-friendly? Gather your colleagues for a bonding experience and meet up for a big day of riding and friendship. CycleOps is inviting members of the community to ride at their headquarters and partake in this awesome event! Create a team challenge to see who can raise the most through our easy fundraising system, and get those watts cranking!

Are you a member of a Zwift team or club?

Organize something central that will be bring you together. Why pedal alone when you can share the day with your teammates? The energy and excitement of the big mileage goal will be fun to share. Use the annual Ride On as a way to bring your team together! Setting a personal riding goal? Here are some training tips on how to get there.

At the least, as you prepare for the 4th Annual Ride On for World Bicycle Relief we strongly encourage you to make a small donation to help us reach our goal of USD 250,000. Every donation counts and you’ll be eligible to win a custom Trek Segafredo bike!

Ready to Ride On for World Bicycle Relief?

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