Krishanthini: To Win The Game Takes Practice


Originally published: January 2015

Krishanthini, 19, is studying in a nursing course, one year behind Dilshani and Theepika. Like her girlfriends, Krishanthini is a sports enthusiast. She loves sports and, with the bike she received after the tsunami, she could return to kabaddi and volleyball practices regularly. Before she received the bike, her family could not pay the 3-wheeler (taxi) fare to attend competitive meets that were beyond walking distance from home.


With a bicycle, she doesn’t have to worry about taxi fare or the distance to meets. Her mantelpiece proudly displays multiple trophies and winning ribbons. Krishanthini feels having a bicycle was essential to her return to her two passions–learning and sports.

Today, her twin sisters are using the very same bike to get to elementary school! Though they admit–when there is a headwind, they tend to wimp out and only ride one at a time!


Photos: Leah Missbach Day, Mike Weyerhaeuser


Written by Leah Missbach Day

Leah is Cofounder of World Bicycle Relief. Whenever she can, Leah spends extended time Africa documenting and sharing the voices of women and girls through her series of photos and stories on World Bicycle Relief’s blog, ‘Voices from the Field".

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