VeloSport Events to support World Bicycle Relief with CycleFest, Gran Fondo

VeloSport Events, a cycling event company in South Florida, will support World Bicycle Relief through two of its premier events.

CycleFest, Oct. 29, and Gran Fondo, Dec. 10, will benefit WBR with a portion of registration fees. Through these events, the company hopes to raise $6,000 to help individuals and communities in rural Africa. VeloSport also has shown support for WBR in the past through its Dirt Devils mountain bike rice.

With a strong presence in the South Florida cycling community, VeloSport is dedicated to giving back. The company looks for initiatives that create opportunities in the cycling field and also allow people to experience South Florida.

As part of its work, VeloSport supports The Power of Bicycles because of WBR’s mission to mobilize communities around the world.

”Bikes are a big part of helping bridge the gap between economic demands and community wellness. And VeloSport Events will always support that mission.”

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