Welcome to our 2018 Team WBR members

World Bicycle Relief is thrilled to announce some of our newest Team WBR members! Team WBR is a group of passionate supporters using their riding, running, or outdoor adventures to share the mission and work of World Bicycle Relief with those around them. Some ride casually and others race competitively, but all look to fly the WBR flag and mobilize others through the Power of Bicycles. Interested in joining Team WBR? Sign up now and be a part of this passionate group of change makers.



Peter and Laura Schaub

The husband and wife duo from Watertown, Mass., are looking forward to spreading the mission of WBR in 2018.

Laura, who heard about WBR while watching Global Cycling Network videos, said she felt a sense of empowerment when she started commuting by bicycle several years ago.


“I want to share this sense of empowerment with other women across the world via WBR so that they can feel that same joyous feeling of being in control and independent! Plus, the sheer joy of cycling can’t be beat.”

Though Laura has never entered a cycling race before, she hopes to take her enthusiasm for the sport to the Whaling City duathlon this year. She also plans on riding in Pelotonia in memory of her mom.

Peter, who also plans on entering the Whaling City duathlon and Pelotonia, is inspired by the independence and freedom of cycling. “I want to race for WBR to be a part of a community of amateur and professional athletes who are great agents of change.”

Thank you, Peter and Laura, for teaming up for WBR!

Sarah Muench

Sarah Muench

For Sarah, racing for WBR combines the two things she’s most passionate about: cycling and international development.

Armed with a master’s degree in global technology and development, Sarah loves traveling to developing nations to better understand the culture and people.

“I think there’s something universal about riding a bike – a sense of how free we all truly are, no matter where we live or where we come from.”

The Arizona native has her eyes on the Arizona Masters State Championship road race this year and several crit and cross races.

And while racing gives Sarah the feeling of empowerment for herself, she also wants to harness the The Power of Bicycles to help others.

The Power of Bicycles is “empowerment toward independence, it’s making dreams come true, and it’s bringing joy to lives. Practically speaking, provides transportation to get kids to school, families to the market for food and a way to start a business. That’s power to me.”

Ride hard, Sarah!

Jay Paidipati

Jay Paidipati

This year, Jay races in honor of his grandmother. Before she passed away last year, she never stopped helping others. And Jay says his memories of her will inspire him.

“I am so fortunate that I have the luxury to train and compete in bike racing. I’d like to use this fortune to help others,” says Jay, a Boulder, Colo., resident.

In addition to getting one podium finish this season, Jay’s biggest goal is to finish the Leadville 100 in under 9 hours this year.

He also plans on raising 25 bicycles for World Bicycle Relief this year. The Power of Bicycles “means using a bicycle to help someone be the best they can be and unlock every opportunity in life,” Jay says.

Thank you for helping mobilize others through the Power of Bicycles, Jay!

Want to use your passion for sport as a way to make a difference? Join Team WBR and be a part of a group of individuals that help mobilize individuals through their involvement, both on and off the bike.

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