World Bicycle Relief accepted into premiere NGO alliance InterAction

“We are very excited to be a part of InterAction, the largest and premiere alliance of international NGOs and mission-based institutions in the U.S.,” said Dave Neiswander, president of World Bicycle Relief.

InterAction recently welcomed World Bicycle Relief as a member. While InterAction’s 180-plus members vary in size and scope, the association acts as a collective voice for the international development community. It seeks to shape policy decisions on development issues such as women, health, education and agriculture.

The alliance can leverage its combined strength to advocate for U.S. and international policy, investments and programs on behalf of vulnerable populations.

As a member, World Bicycle Relief will have access to and engage in policy discussions with organizations and NGO networks around the world.

“These newest members truly represent the breadth and depth of both InterAction’s work and the work of our collective NGO community, from providing medical supplies to humanitarian projects worldwide to supporting clean water projects in Ethiopia to advocating for the democratization of international development finance,” according to InterAction’s press release.

In order to be approved for membership, InterAction required World Bicycle Relief to meet a high level of standards and eligibility criteria. The Private Voluntary Standards are a set of ethical guidelines that help ensure transparency in finances, program performance, fundraising and administration.

“Through our relationship and engagement with InterAction, and groups like them, we can make an even greater impact for the individuals and communities we serve,” WBR’s Neiswander said.



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