Year of the Bicycle

2017 marked the 200th anniversary of the bicycle. Join us in celebrating this milestone! With your support, we have developed the Buffalo Bicycle, a powerful tool that creates sustainable change for people in need. Will you help us share The Power of Bicycles with those who need it most?

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We believe that mobility is fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty. With mobility, people are empowered to make new economies and move forward. This is the year of the bicycle. Are you with us?

3x Ironman World Champion

Mirinda Carfrae


Cycling Superhero

Ted King


Author, World Bank

Leszek Sibilski

Washington, D.C.

Pro Rider, Poet, Musician

Christopher Blevins


Chef, Author, CEO

Biju Thomas



Lizzie Brenkus


Elden Nelson (Fat Cyclist)


Fashion Designer

Gaby Basora

New York

Year of the Bicycle Pledge

I Believe…

  • Mobility is fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • With bicycles, people are mobilized to change their world.
  • I can make a difference.

Count me in.

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Powered by the remarkable human spirit, bicycles are a catalyst to possibilities. Your support will help people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive.

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Mechanics of Mobility

Your generous support empowers mechanics with tools and training to keep Buffalo Bicycles moving people forward. Explore our full, interactive video.

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Stella's Story

Stella is a young mother on the move in Kenya. Learn how Stella’s two wheels put her back on track to pursue her dreams.

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Women Breaking Boundaries

In 1895, the bicycle became the tool for empowering and liberating women. Annie Londonderry was the international symbol of this emancipation.

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A Bicycle Parade in Kenya

Students at Our Lady Queen of Peace, in Kenya, take their new Buffalo Bicycles on parade to show their community The Power of Bicycles.

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Mechanics Keep Healthcare Workers Rolling

Meet the Kenyan field mechanics keeping healthcare workers mobile and treating clients.

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See Your Impact

See the latest stats and stories from the field. Learn how your support is making a real impact in our new Impact Report.

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The Future of Bicycles & WBR
January 2017

What does the future hold in the places where we are making an impact? How will we know when our work is complete?

The Mechanics of Mobility
February 2017

Our field mechanics keep Buffalo Bicycles on the road for years to come. Discover how your support empowers mechanics to keep our programs rolling.

Inside the WBR Culture
March 2017

Find out what motivates WBR employees to make a difference and how we envision the future of our organization.

Bicycling in the Digital Age
April 2017

Discover how bike riding has changed in the digital age, and how riders’ motivations, reasons for cycling, and experiences are different around the world.

Moods in Motion
May 2017

Join us as we explore the emotional experiences of riders around the world, including Buffalo Bicycle riders.

Hacking Bicycles For Good
June 2017

Find out how we took the best elements of the bicycle and engineered them to create lasting change.

Wheels in the Field
July 2017

Will you help us launch a new BEEP initiative to empower more students with reliable, sustainable transportation?

Back to School
August 2017

Join us as we examine the long-term outcomes of our education programs and revisit recipient students from years past.

Communities on the Move
September 2017

Discover how Buffalo Bicycles empower individuals, families, and entire communities to move forward.

Bikes for Humanity
October 2017

Join us to explore how bicycles help cultivate compassion and empathy for people across the globe.

Empowering Change
November 2017

Join us as we share how bicycles provide options, independence and access to education for rural students.

Meaningful Milestones
December 2017

Help us finish the year strong as we share stories of impact made possible by you and bicycles.

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