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Zwift cycling for WBR

Zwift makes indoor cycling fitness social, by connecting riders from around the world. We partner with them each year for our virtual cycling event, the 24-Hour Ride On for WBR. Zwift cycling encourages support for WBR through ride events, active Facebook groups, custom cycling kits and more.
Two growing social groups with members around the globe have formed in support of WBR. So, we spoke to the leaders of those groups to find out why they ride; here’s what they had to say:

zwift cyclist derek boocockDerek Boocock Rides On for Awareness

“I spent more than two years cycling around the world. It’s not exaggerating to say the bicycle quite literally saved my life. I’m looking forward to wearing the WBR kit with pride while raising awareness (and funds) for the organization.”
With Zwift and WBR, Derek can help others improve their lives with a bicycle. Now, he can give back through cycling, which fits so well with his own story.

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zwift cyclist daniel abbottDaniel Abbott Rides On for Purpose

“I ride for Zwift’s Team WBR because I am riding with purpose. I am part of a fantastic community which motivates me to give 110%.”
In 2016, Daniel began cycling indoors to stay fit and compete while being on hand to help his growing family. Later that year he suffered a pulmonary embolism. During his recovery, Daniel joined Zwift’s Team WBR group rides inspiring him to do more to promote the work of World Bicycle Relief.

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Andrew Behnke Rides On for Joy

“I ride for WBR to show the joy that cycling can bring to people. Cycling has made a very positive impact on my life. I hope that through my example and association with WBR that I can lead others to have the same experience.”    

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Oliver Kurpjuhn Rides On for Health

“Zwift’s Team WBR is full of great characters that help to encourage and support people. Four years ago I needed medical attention to address my weight and diabetes. Zwift cycling helped with this, and I was able to reduce my weight and defeat diabetes. Now I keep fit and healthy with cycling and want to support other people.”

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zwift cyclist matt rayMatt Ray Rides On for Community

“I ride for Zwift’s Team WBR because it has a wonderful sense of community. It’s more than being just about me, it gives greater meaning to what I choose to spend my leisure time doing.”
By getting involved with World Bicycle Relief through Zwift, Matt has become part of an incredible global community. In addition, bringing a charitable aspect of WBR to his internal pursuits of health, fitness, and well-being has been a perfect fit.

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Stewart Gemmell Rides On for Fitness

“I first came across WBR when Zwift hosted the 24hr World Cycling Event back in 2015. You can see the hard work by all those involved with WBR and the difference it can make in Africa.”
Stewart has cycled all his life, but family obligations caused him to put on some weight. So, on his 42nd birthday Stewart made a decision to get back into cycling. Since then he has never looked back. As a result, Stewart now represents World Bicycle Relief as a member of Zwift’s fast-growing Team WBR.

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