Frequently Asked Questions


How can I donate?

Learn more about all the ways you can donate here


Is there a way to send a donation via bank transfer?

Yes, please find more information on the process here.


How can I make a donation as a gift or in Honor/Memory of someone?

Once you have made your donation, please feel free to contact to see how we can support you further.


How do I get a copy of my donation receipt? 

Donations made online will receive a receipt automatically via email when the gift is submitted. Check and wire donation receipts are issued within 48 hours and mailed.

If you didn’t get a receipt after completing your donation or would like to receive a tax receipt, please email us at and we can ensure you get proper documentation for your donation. Thank you!


Is my donation refundable? 

WBR does not issue refunds for donations made to the organisation nor do we refund event registrations or merchandise sales.  


Do you support employer match contributions?

Yes, World Bicycle Relief supports and encourages employer match contributions. Many employers do and this is one of the simplest ways to double or even triple your gift.

Though we encourage direct donations, World Bicycle Relief also has partnerships with donation crowdfunding platforms that connect us to many major corporations. These partners are: Benevity, Charitable Giving, CAF and Charities Trust.


Where does my donation go?

Values shown represent real needs and expenses in our programme countries. Your gift will be used to provide life-changing transportation through our programmes where the need is greatest.

Your donation will help provide a bicycle for a student, healthcare worker or entrepreneur who would otherwise likely travel long distances on foot. Since we also train field mechanics and assemble bicycles locally, your donation also helps build bicycle infrastructure in the areas where we work, benefitting generations to come. You can learn more about our funding and spending on our Financials page. 


I want to volunteer. What can I do?

We are always in need of helping hands. To tell us more about your interest and availability, please complete our volunteer form here. Thanks! 


We are a school and want to start a fundraiser. Where should we start?

There are lots of ways to raise money as a school – you can host an event, start a fundraiser, ask your parents and relatives for support or engage a local company for support – just get creative.

The best place to start is to set up a fundraising page. It is the easiest way to inform your supporters about your goal and the progress you’ve made so far. Your supporters can also donate to your fundraiser on that page. You can start your fundraiser now here


I finished fundraising. Now what?

Share your success! Say thank you to those that donated and helped you reach your goal. Your fundraising page will remain active so people can access it any time. It’s always something you can come back to if you’re interested in continuing your fundraising efforts and upping your goal. Thank you for your hard work and sharing World Bicycle Relief’s mission with your community and network.


Does World Bicycle Relief accept donations of used bicycles for its programmes? 

The transportation needs of individuals in rural developing countries require specially designed bicycles that can handle heavy loads and rough terrain. They also need reliable access to available spare parts and maintenance.

For these reasons, World Bicycle Relief provides new Buffalo Bicycles to our riders. We do not accept donations of used bicycles for our programmes. We encourage you to donate used bicycles to local charities in your area, so you can spread The Power of Bicycles to people in your community.

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