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World Bicycle Relief is an international, non-profit organization that specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle distribution programs to aid poverty relief in developing countries around the world. Our programs focus primarily on education, economic development, health care and gender equality.

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World Bicycle Relief Switzerland
Rue de Lausanne 15 
1201 Geneva

+41 79 104 65 06

World Bicycle Relief Switzerland is a registered foundation in Switzerland (CHE-435.393.943).


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Trustees / Board Members

Board Member – Atalanti Moquette

Atalanti received a BA Hons. in Philosophy and Ancient Greek at King’s College London. She continued her postgraduate studies in Art History at the University of Toronto. Atalanti’s passions include education, art, philanthropy and women’s rights. She started her career on the specialist side of Sotheby’s and has worked on education policy in Toronto and Geneva.

Her involvement in the field of philanthropy follows a family tradition that began at the grassroots level, running a life skills programme in a shelter for battered women. In 2009 Atalanti founded Giving Women, a network of diverse but like-minded women who pool their professional skills and experience to provide advice to strengthen projects directed at vulnerable girls and women globally. Her interest in social impact investing started when she and her daughter, Elianna, established Step Up, to advise start-up social businesses and banks on questions of social impact and responsible investing.

Board Member – Dave Neiswander

Dave was Africa Director for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) for 9 years. Bringing intimate knowledge of on-the-ground operations, implementation environments, and target markets, Dave was appointed CEO for World Bicycle Relief NFP in May 2016. In close collaboration with the board, Dave has promoted a renewed emphasis on sustainable and quantifiable impact, operational excellence and building the foundations for growth, and communicating the power of bicycles and the issue of local mobility. Dave also serves on the Board of Directors for WBR-Canada, WBR-UK, WBR-Germany and WBR-Australia.

Board Member – Jeff Bosken

Jeff is Director of Finance and Administration for World Bicycle Relief. Jeff oversees financial and risk management for WBR’s global operations, including financial strategy development and execution, management of WBR’s ERP, financial and operations data collection, information technology initiatives, reporting, accounting, auditing, implementation of financial control systems, and foreign exchange management. Jeff works closely with our Buffalo Bicycles Limited team to develop business case analyses, create forecasts, and offer recommendations to WBR’s CEO, board, and other members of the senior leadership team.

Board Member – Pierre Turrettini

Pierre was appointed Board Member of World Bicycle Relief in October 2019. Pierre oversees all legal matters of WBR in Switzerland and develops its network in Switzerland to raise awareness of WBR’s activities. Apart from that, Pierre is a corporate lawyer at the law firm Borel & Barbey, also active in the sports field.

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