162 Malawian Students Empowered To Go Further

Mulanje District, Malawi — On October 11, 2016, 162 students at Manyamba Primary School received bicycles, thanks to you. This distribution was a result of a summer campaign to launch our first education program in the country.

Why Malawi?

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with extreme challenges – and so much potential. Because of long distances to school, 57% of Malawian students never finish primary school.

Malawi is an especially challenging place for girl students, who spend more time on housework than boys, face unique dangers on long walks to school, and often succumb to the cultural pressure of early marriage. WBR provides 70% of its Buffalo Bicycles to girl students, which helps improve educational equality.

Thanks to incredible supporters like you, the summer campaign was a great success. Our goal was to raise 2,000 bicycles, but you helped us surpass it. With more than 3,100 bicycles funded, Malawian students and their families will feel the impact for generations to come.

Students at Manyamba Primary School welcomed their bicycles with a banner reading, “We are happy for BEEP (Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program)” and “No more absences or being late for class!”

We spoke with one student to find out how she felt about her new bicycle. Catherine is 15 years old and a student in Form 2, meaning she likely started school at age 13. Before she received a Buffalo Bicycle, Catherine would walk barefoot to and from school on a 20km journey that would take 5 hours per day. Despite the incredible distance to school, Catherine was determined to finish her education to become a nurse one day. Now, her path is easier. Catherine’s bicycle will help her reserve the energy and stamina she needs for her favorite classes and activities: math, English and playing soccer with her friends. “My life will change because of this bicycle,” she said.

With the help of our supporters, WBR is committed to continuing to build our education program in Malawi.

Thank you to everyone who helped launch the education program in Malawi. You can help more students go further.