With two wheels, health workers are saving lives. They’re working to combat COVID-19, eliminate malaria, teach health and nutrition, and visit more homebound patients.

Mobilizing Frontline Health Workers

The communities with whom we partner across Africa and Colombia remain extremely vulnerable to global health crises like COVID-19 and are not equipped to react quickly and effectively during these critical times. Frontline health workers mobilized with a bicycle play a vital role in how these regions prepare, respond, and recover from the impact of current and future public health crises.

Caring For Their Communities

In low-income regions, where diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV threaten rural communities, access to healthcare is vital. But long distances and rugged terrain make it difficult for patients to access remote health clinics. Volunteer health workers often walk 10-20 km to provide care for patients in their homes. Our Buffalo Bicycles ensure community health workers spend less time in transit and more time delivering life-saving care. 

World Bicycle Relief works with local governments and aid organizations to accelerate and magnify the impact of critical healthcare programs. We also partner with the communities themselves to provide sustainable, last-mile healthcare solutions through our Mobilized Communities programming.

Community health workers on Buffalo Bicycles:

  • Quadrupled the frequency of visits to patients in nine provinces in Zambia.
  • In Kenya saw 88% more patients, referred 50 percent more patients for TB screening at a local clinic and were less likely to quit.
  • Doubled the number of patients they could visit in Malawi, leading to a more than 90% drop in patient non-compliance with long-term treatment.
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