The farther children are from school, the less likely they are to attend - particularly girls. Bicycles help students get to school, stay in school, and excel.

Mobilizing The Next Generation 

In rural communities around the world, the biggest barrier to education is often getting to school – especially for girls. Our community-based programming provides bicycles to students in need, prioritizing girls in particular. Access to reliable transportation mobilizes girl students to access schools and clinics, support their communities, and realize dreams. By providing bicycles, you empower students to fulfill their potential and break the cycle of poverty.

Girl students on Buffalo Bicycles: 
  • Were 19% less likely to drop out
  • Reduced their absenteeism by 28%
  • Cut their commute times by 33%, saving more than one hour a day
  • Reported feeling more in control of the decisions affecting their lives
  • Ranked themselves higher academically and had a greater belief in their potential to succeed in life
  • Experienced 22% less sexual harassment and/or teasing on their way to school
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