50 by 50: Lynn Reed’s Monumental Goal

Cyclist Lynn Reed, age 36, is gearing up for the Wrigley Field Road Tour on August 25–a century ride that starts and ends on historic Wrigley Field, all the while benefiting the World Bicycle Relief and Chicago Cubs Charities. Here, Lynn shares the incredible story of why she chose to join the ride:

My goal has always been to ride in at least 5 century rides per cycling season. On my last ride of the 2012 season, I crashed at mile 65. I did manage to complete the ride, albeit slowly! As I was recovering from the injuries, I started to think about cycling goals I wanted to complete in my lifetime.

One of those new goals is to complete a century ride in every state within the United States, plus a ride in Washington DC and Puerto Rico by the time I’m 50. I’ve decided to call it the 50 by 50 goal, even though I threw in two extra rides.

I work in education and have a passion for cycling, so when I was choosing rides for each state and saw the Wrigley Road Tour – 100, I knew this was the ride I wanted to complete for the state of Illinois. What a great thing that World Bicycle Relief is doing, empowering individuals through the gift of a bicycle.

I look forward to this journey both in Chicago and the many rides to follow.

It’s amazing the things that WBR supporters do for the Power of Bicycles! Thanks for your support, Lynn, and best of luck with all those centuries.

Join Lynn on the Wrigley Field Road Tour. Learn more