At Kenya’s Ralak Secondary School, girls forge ahead

In 2015, 67 students at Ralak Girls Secondary School in Siaya County, Kenya, became some of the country’s first beneficiaries of World Bicycle Relief’s BEEP program.

The area, where almost all children attend primary school, claims only a 63% enrollment rate in secondary school. The large discrepancy has been linked to factors such as teenage pregnancies, drugs and substance abuse, poverty, lack of school fees and accessibility to school.

Two years after implementing the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program, 15 of those first bicycle recipients at Ralak graduated. Among the accomplishments to celebrate: No dropout cases due to teenage pregnancy or child marriage.

According to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, women with at least some secondary education begin having children more than three years after those with no education.

But in a county where teen pregnancy rates are 17%, young mothers often must abandon plans of school.

Thanks to your support of BEEP, the girls at Ralak are one step closer to pursuing their dreams.

With access to a bicycle, the Buffalo Bicycle recipients at Ralak can avoid traveling after dark and men who target girls walking to school.

When girls have access to safer, quality education, they stay in school, dare to dream and become more than a statistic.

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