Baker bill keeps on rolling for WBR

Your average bake sale might not be much to write home about. But when it comes to Bill Middeke, loaves and rolls are making a huge impact. Baker Bill has hosted TWELVE annual bake sales for World Bicycle Relief.


Since 2010, Bill has raised more than $12,000 for the Power of Bicycles! As his baking skills get better each year, the donations keep climbing. Prior to fundraising for WBR, Bill was already dedicated to supporting good causes. In total, he’s raised more than $100,000 at charity cycling events over the past 17 years. Bill says:

“When I’m asked, ‘What are you grateful for?’ my response is usually bicycles and yeast. I ride my bike to raise funds for charities and bake bread to do the same. This event allows me to combine my two main interests.”

Bill’s Bread for Bicycles Bake Sale takes place every spring at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie, Minn.

We are so grateful for your amazing efforts, Bill! Thanks for baking like crazy to share the Power of Bicycles (and feel free to send us some of those cinnamon rolls)!
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