Coast to Coast for the Power of Bicycles

Race Across America, or RAAM, is an ultra marathon bicycle race across the United States and is one of the best-known and longest endurance events in the world. Riders from around the globe compete in RAAM racing 3,000 miles from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD at an amazing pace – it only takes a week! RAAM is also a great platform to raise awareness and money for great causes like WBR!

Frank Gerber and Ryan Goldman have built a team (including both riders and crew) called Team InGamba. They’ll tackle the daunting challenge of racing 3,000 miles starting on June 14, and they’re doing it for the Power of Bicycles. Frank explains:

“First and foremost, we believe in the cause. WBR’s approach and measurable impact on the communities and people they serve makes us feel the direct impact of our efforts. Additionally, Ryan spent a month in Africa with WBR and was able to see first-hand the positive impact WBR can have on the lives of people there.”

The team’s objective is to safely complete the 2014 RAAM in the 4-man 50-59 age group division. They anticipate completing the journey of 3,000 miles, which includes 170,000 vertical feet of climbing, in under 7 days, averaging 18 to 20 mph, and raising $20,000 for WBR!

“The RAAM event has allowed me to meld my passion of cycling and giving back. Being able to donate over 100 bikes through WBR and having the support of friends in family is a huge motivation for me in preparing for and attempting to complete this grueling event.”

Best of luck, Team InGamba! We’ll be following along:

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