Pro cyclist Esteban Chaves on The Power of Bicycles in Colombia

by World Bicycle Relief
August 26, 2020

Colombian Esteban Chaves understands firsthand the Power of Bicycles. As a professional cyclist, he’s found opportunity and freedom on his bike – and he wants the same for children throughout Colombia. 

Read on for our interview with Esteban Chaves, then join his Fundación Esteban Chaves team and our friends around the world as we Pedal to Empower women and girls! Thank you, Esteban, for sharing your story and giving back to those who need it most. 

Q: What does the bicycle mean to you?

A: From the day I learned how to ride a bike until today, the bike has been a source of freedom – and a tool to fulfill my dreams. The bike has taken me to places that I had only dreamed about. And now that I’m living my dream of being a professional cyclist, I want to contribute to the dreams of the children of Colombia. That’s why I created the FUNdación Esteban Chaves in 2016, which works to create positive change for children through cycling and medicine.  

Q: What role do bicycles play in Colombia?

A: Some ride to have a form of sustainable transportation. Others, to have a healthy and active lifestyle or just for fun. It’s also a working tool. I think everyone in Colombia has a connection to cycling. And all of their reasons for riding come down to the same thing: aiming for a better life.

Q: What is rural life like in Colombia, versus that in urban areas?

A: I was raised in Bogotá, and I now realize that in urban areas, we take for granted the access to education, transportation, health services and basic amenities that are considered a privilege in some rural areas of the country. A huge part of our population lives without basic access. 

Q: How can bicycles support students and their families in rural Colombia?

A: Bicycles can make a real difference. In the short term, a bike can serve as transportation to school. But in the long run, it can be the means by which they can discover new horizons, encourage themselves to work for their dreams and achieve them. 

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