World Bicycle Relief’s Everesting Hall of Fame

by World Bicycle Relief
August 2, 2021
Wondering if an Everesting challenge is for you? Read on to meet some inspiring people from around the world that have taken it on—while also making a difference with life-changing bicycles.

What is an Everesting challenge?

Everesting, climbing the elevation of the height of Mt. Everest by riding repeats on a single hill, represents a pinnacle challenge in cycling. 

Choose any hill, indoors or out, across the globe or in your backyard, and ride until you’ve climbed 8,848m or 29,029 vertical feet—the equivalent height of Mt. Everest. 

Finishing in any amount of time is a huge accomplishment, but if you’re looking to break records, you’ll have to beat the likes of Ronan McLaughlin (6:40:54), Sean Gardner (6:59:38) and Lachlan Morton (7:29:57)—who recently beat the Tour de France peloton to Paris while raising £500,000 for World Bicycle Relief.

World Bicycle Relief Everesting
Hall of Fame

Want to take your Everesting challenge to the next level by fundraising to give the Power of Bicycles to those in need around the world? You’ll join the ranks of these dedicated supporters that are making a difference by Everesting for a cause: 

Everesting the tunnel with Jonas Orset Green

In March, The Nordic Trailblazer Jonas Orset went Everesting in the dark tunnel of Jordalen, Norway, to shine light and spread hope for World Bicycle Relief. The tunnel, 3 km long, 293 meter height difference from bottom up. To manage an Everesting in the tunnel, 3 km long and 293 meters high, Jonas rode the tunnel 30.5 times, which took him an incredible 12-and-a-half hours. What kept Jonas going? “I want to ride for hope, and use cycling to help others.”

Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge

Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up Challenge gives you the opportunity to run or ride an Everest wherever you are, indoors or out, to raise funds for the Be Good Foundation. In 2020, the Be Good Foundation donated $35,000 to World Bicycle Relief. Choose from four challenge elevations: The Queen’s Full Everest (29,032 feet); ¾ Everest (21,774 feet); Half Everest (14,516 feet);and Quarter Everest (7,258 feet). Leaderboard, prizes and awards are included. The Be Good Foundation continues to create lasting impact for many organizations, including World Bicycle Relief. In 2020, the foundation donated $35,000 to support The Power of Bicycles. Register and learn more at the event at

Mass vEveresting Day with Club3R

Club3R, longtime supporters of World Bicycle Relief, ran the first-ever vEveresting Academy, a twelve-week structured training program that culminated in a mass vEveresting ‘takeover’ on Alpe du Zwift. Instead of paying for the academy, vEveresting Academy attendees each raised funds to provide Buffalo Bicycles. The group raised USD$20,000, highlighting the true power of community. They’ll be running the Academy again in 2022, so mark your calendars for some guidance and community on your Everesting challenge!

RGT + Hells500

In 2020, riders took on the Rise Up with RGT and Hells 500 challenge to climb the height of Mt. Everest over the month of December. Riders could either take the challenge in one go, earning a place in the Hall of Fame, or they could climb the cumulative  height over the entire month, all while raising funds for World Bicycle Relief. Consider joining Rise Up in 2021!

Trenching with GCN’s Hank Lowsley-Williams

Rather than climbing up, imagine riding down to the deepest trench in the world. Longtime supporters and cycling YouTube channel the Global Cycling Network (GCN) filmed a new cycling challenge in 2020 in which presenter James “Hank” Lowsley-Williams, descended the depth of the Mariana Trench (11,034m), climbing and descending Porlock Hill in Somerset, England, 36 times in one day to match the distance of the trench. This challenge raised an incredible £25,000, which was matched by a donor for a total of £50,000.

Mike’s Bikes Hike

They say it’s about the journey, not the destination. Mike Dunn showed the power of setting a bold goal and creating impact at the same time. Mike took on the Everesting challenge, and while he didn’t complete the full Everesting attempt, Mike’s community came out to support his fundraising efforts and cheer him on. Mike and his dedicated community raised more than $30,000, helping to provide bicycles for 200 students and creating lasting impact in the lives of so many.

Ready to take on your own challenge? Whether it’s Everesting, your first Century Ride, or any adventure in between, add purpose to your effort by fundraising for World Bicycle Relief!
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