‘Girls on the Go’ Prove Girl-Power Goes Far

“Girls on the Go,” a group of young girls and their families, inspired by the impact two wheels have on people just like them, recently raised $5,000 to support World Bicycle Relief.

The families of first and second-grade “Girls on the Go” joined together for a bike parade through their neighborhood and engaged their local high school for volunteers. They also invited neighbors to participate, educating as many as possible about the Power of Bicycles.

On the day of the event, everyone gathered to decorate their bikes, scooters, and roller skates, (even strollers!) and paraded through the neighborhood. Following the parade, kids played in a bouncy house, volunteers worked hard to load up bikes, and parents and friends discussed the ‘why’ of the event.


“Introducing my daughters to the joy of giving has been the greatest gift,” said one “Girls on the Go” mom. “At first, they were not clear why we would give others a new bike when they wanted one. It was then I realized that they didn’t really understand that other people in the world, people just like us, weren’t living just like us. Once they understood that, they were eager to help. The bike parade allowed them to see that you don’t have to have a certain kind of fundraiser – that you don’t have to be an adult to make a difference, or know thousands of people or do something elaborate. It can be as simple as you want it to be. The most important thing is to do something, anything.”

Thank you to ‘Girls on the Go’ and everyone who joined your event for your amazing work sharing the Power of Bicycles with those who need it most!


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