inGamba surpasses $1 million raised for World Bicycle Relief


Today, we are incredibly excited and proud to announce that one of our most engaged partners, inGamba Tours, has raised more than $1 million for World Bicycle Relief.

“It’s great to get to this milestone and look back on all the people that made it possible. I’m proud that we are an organization that believes in community and that our community has come together to be able to make a real difference in the lives of others,” said inGamba founder João Correia.

When João founded inGamba, he committed to providing the best tour experiences to his customers while making a difference in the lives of others through The Power of Bicycles.

inGamba partnered with World Bicycle Relief in 2013. The company committed to donating 2% of trip sales to WBR. But João wanted to do more. Knowing the incredible community that backed him, he asked them to consider making personal gifts to match the company’s contribution. And they answered.

It didn’t stop there. Over the years, inGamba has hosted an annual “Ride with João and Friends” event on the beautiful roads of Mill Valley, Calif., home to the inGamba headquarters. It’s an annual celebration of the community’s accomplishments and where they are heading. Please consider joining us for the 5th annual ride to celebrate this monumental year!

One inGamba trip each year is geared toward the WBR community to drive impact in the field. From Italy to Portugal, inGamba delivers a world-class experience while creating a brighter future for so many. We’re headed to Puglia, Italy, this year. Come see for yourself what inGamba is all about.

The inGamba community also steps up in support of our annual Giving Tuesday efforts. It activates their network to be generous on this annual day of giving. This year, João dedicated his birthday to the cause, pushing the group even closer to the million-dollar mark.

inGamba also has donated trips for fundraisers and helped create deep connections to our cause.

“I’ve known João as teammates, professionally as my manager, and of course as friends,” says former pro-cyclist Ted King. “We share a lifelong appreciation of the bike for a handful of reasons but at the core is the power of a bicycle — obviously WBR’s byline message as well. To see him found and grow inGamba has been a pleasure, and it really hits on something that I’ve picked up from him over our time together: the importance of having a purpose. Whether it’s what’s needed as an entrepreneur or to build a business with a specific cause, this million-dollar milestone speaks to his purposeful drive.”

We couldn’t be more grateful for this enduring commitment to our mission and the many students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs around the world that have been mobilized by their efforts. World Bicycle Relief Co-Founder FK Day shared these thoughts:

Dear inGamba Community,

I know a few of you in person but I feel like I know many of you for what you have accomplished.

Yes, I know you for your passion for the beautiful rides, and your nose for the memorable wines, and the stories of the laughter and camaraderie. But most of all, I know you for what you have accomplished for other people in need of a simple strong bike to cover the distance separating themselves from their dreams.

Our dreams may have some similarities: Give me the power of an education so that no man will own me and that I may help others to be free.

As the inGamba/WBR relationship crosses the 4-year, $1,000,000 mark, please know you have touched the lives of many and mobilized them to change their lives.

With deepest gratitude,

Want to learn more about the inGamba community and how you can be a part of it?

Thank you, João and inGamba, for believing in The Power of Bicycles!