Isaac Assembles A New Life

Isaac Lungu has used and loved bicycles all his life, which is why he was intrigued when he heard about a bicycle assembly center in a nearby village. Not long after, he found himself earning a steady income as an assembler for World Bicycle Relief.

Isaac and his wife Mary, married since 1995, have long struggled to make ends meet, often working as day laborers to save money. By 2003, they had saved enough to build their own home. However, not many years later, Isaac and Mary suffered a great loss when Isaac’s parents died and the rest of his family took all of the family belongings everything from family photos to the family vehicle, an unjust practice widely known as “property grabbing” that often occurs after a family death. Nonetheless, Isaac and Mary pressed forward and soon learned about World Bicycle Relief.

Today, Isaac doesn’t hesitate to note that he finds refuge and security in his new-found steady income. He opened his first bank account upon working with WBR and is providing well for his family. Isaac is proud to work for WBR, stating “A bicycle is easy transport. Bicycles don’t need fuel. As long as you keep it well maintained, you will be set.” Isaac lives this out as he rides his bike to his job at WBR each day.