Peloton Cycle Takes Indoor Cycling Around the World

Peloton Cycle makes the only indoor exercise bike with live classes that stream directly to your indoor wheels – and they’re World Bicycle Relief’s newest partner! Peloton has changed thousands of lives by providing the ultimate indoor fitness experience, and now they’re launching their social mission to use the bicycle as a global tool to improve lives as well.

Peloton’s partnership with WBR will become a core part of their business. A portion of the profit from every Peloton bike sold will aid WBR in donating a Buffalo Bicycle. This program will be ongoing and encompass all bike sales on the Peloton website and in retail stores. Evan Freed, Project Manager at Peloton shares about his passion for the project:

On behalf of everyone at Peloton, I can confidently say that we are all excited to have the opportunity to work with WBR. We recognize the transformative power a bike can have on a person’s life, whether the pursuit is a healthy lifestyle or access to an education and better resources. With the help of WBR each one of our sales will positively impact the lives of not just one, but two people.”

In addition to donating a percentage of bike sales, Peloton will also host fundraisers with their Peloton bike owners around the world, resulting in a truly global partnership.

Freed explains why he chose to lead the company to this long-term philanthropic commitment:

“I was excited to build social giving as a core part of Peloton due to lessons I learned from my mom. She had ovarian cancer for nine years and passed away two years ago. During that time she showed me how giving back can be one of the most gratifying things you will ever do in life. Helping others creates one of the strongest connections and bonds between human beings.”

We certainly agree. Welcome to the team, Peloton!

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