Pushing boundaries with a purpose: Rebecca Rusch summits for students

To share the Power of Bicycles and to empower students, Rebecca Rusch and Patrick Sweeney conquered the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro by bike. Without assistance, the pair scaled and biked down Africa’s highest peak at 19,341 feet.

After they reached the summit, they visited Lwanda Secondary School in Kakamega, Kenya, to see how revolutionary Buffalo Bicycles can be in the lives of students. Their efforts were captured on film by Red Bull.

Experience the challenges they faced along their journey and encounter the rewards of their school visit. With a goal of providing 131 new bicycles to students in need, the team wants you to celebrate and support their effort by donating Buffalo Bicycles to give joy, hope, and opportunity to other students in need.

Learn more about their #BikeKili adventure for the cause.

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