Team WBR 2013 Ambassadors

World Bicycle Relief is very excited to announce the first ever Team WBR Ambassadors! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, the three new Ambassadors will be equipped with a bicycle, clothes and a wide array of additional tools that will help them in their year-long adventure to transform lives through the Power of Bicycles. Each Ambassador is challenged to raise $15,900–a sum that will provide 100 bicycles to students and healthcare workers in rural Africa as well as train 10 mechanics to keep bikes up and running. Read more about our awesome Team WBR Ambassadors below!

Sarah Kent, World Champion Track Star
Sarah comes to WBR from Perth, Australia as a highly competitive cyclist. Crowned Junior World Champion, Sarah decided to put her talent to good use. With her eyes on a slot to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Sarah’s passion is not only focused on racing fast but also on sharing the power of bikes with others. She and her father spent a month in Africa this past May where they embarked on a 1500km tour or Zambia as well as joined one of WBR’s Africa Rides trips. Sarah wants to share her love of bikes with others halfway across the world in hopes that they will experience the same exhilaration she gets from riding. Sarah’s experience in the competitive cycling arena and her enthusiasm for helping others make her a great ambassador for WBR.

Luke Beemer, Jack of all Trades & Young Cycling Enthusiast
Luke hails from Brownsburg, Indiana and plans to attend Marian University next year. This high school senior has a bright future. Not only is he a Cat 1 mountain biker but he also races cyclocross, road bikes, and on the track! But it’s not just Luke’s athletic talent that will make him an extraordinary asset to WBR. Luke is also devoted to his community by helping bring up the next generation of cyclists through his team Midwest Development, working on local trails, and volunteering in a local bike shop. With his sights set on top finishes throughout the cycling field, we know Luke will help inspire countless individuals throughout the biking scene.

Mike Bedke, Age-Group Activist
Mike is a tremendous age group triathlete from Tampa, FL. His athletic pursuits have taken him across the globe racing Ironmans (including Kona World Championships), running the Marathon des Sables (150-mile race across the Sahara), summiting Africa’s Kilimanjaro, riding some of the country’s most challenging peaks, and more. But his work outside of athletics is what makes him even more extraordinary. His commitment to leaving the world a better place is truly commendable. He is recognized nationally for his pro bono work assisting disaster victims and defending the rights of victims of domestic violence. With a list of accolades too long to mention them all, we couldn’t be more thrilled about having this age-group activist on board with us.

Congrats to all three of World Bicycle Relief’s inaugural ambassadors!


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