The Locos Ciclos take on Africa by bike for WBR

Daniel Connell, Quincy Lee and Byron Roos-Collins have a keen sense of adventure.

The trio, dubbed the Locos Ciclos, met at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Excursion Club, a group that organizes outdoor adventures such as ocean paddles and multi-day backpacking trips. And since then, they’ve been following their insatiable desire for adventure.

In 2017, Quincy and Daniel planned a 6,700-mile ride from California to Colombia. They heard about World Bicycle Relief’s work and decided to put their upcoming trip to good use.

“We have learned so much about the power of bicycles through our own lives, and even more so for the people who are less fortunate,” said Quincy. “WBR really opened our eyes to the potential our bikes have to take us around the world and make that world a better place for the people who call it home.”

The six-month journey from Santa Barbara – through Mexico and Central America – to Medellin was a success, and they raised $5,000 for the Power of Bicycles.

“When one is traveling on a bicycle, they can experience nearly every emotion within 4 minutes; semi truck scares the living daylight as it passes inches from the shoulder, the downhill rush is an incredible excitement, a friendly person waves as you pass down their neighborhood street, determined to make it up the hill, just to round the corner and realize you have a mile of steeper grade in front of you, and a full-body accomplishment to make it over the ridge.”

For 2018, Quincy, Daniel and Byron decided to take on a new challenge: Riding 14,000 kilometers from Cairo to Cape Town.

Yes, you read that right. 14,000 kilometers. And they raised more than $30,000 doing it.

Starting on Oct. 20 in Egypt, Daniel, Byron and Quincy set forth on the journey of a lifetime, riding through the very places where their fundraising is making a world difference.

The trio met several Buffalo Bicycle riders on the road and witnessed firsthand the impact they’re having through the Power of Bicycles. They even paid us a visit at our Lusaka, Zambia, assembly facility!

“Riding for World Bicycle Relief makes each pedal have that much more force,” said Quincy. “I’m ecstatic that our traveling can create such a positive outcome, and even more so that this next voyage will come with the opportunity to see the difference firsthand, as we ride to the locations where our bicycles are being donated. It warms my heart, and the tired cycling knees, to have this opportunity.”

Thank you, Locos Ciclos, for all of your incredible work to support The Power of Bicycles! And we can’t wait to see where the next ride takes you!

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