TL&L: Senarath


realizing daily the blessing of transportation


Before the tsunami, Senarath had a bike, but it was of poor quality. He earned a fair wage, but much of it was spent on repairs. Once he received a bicycle from World Bicycle Relief, he was not spending so much on bike repairs and for the first time in his life he was able to save money.


For ten years, since the tsunami, Senarath has continued to make a good living. The disaster relief effort to provide survivors with a quality bicycle had given Senarath encouragement, as well as a respite from looking for day-to-day labor. He returned to his former career as a door-to-door fishmonger.


Today, at 47, he rides well over 20 kilometers per day selling freshly caught tuna for 320 rupees ($2.40) per kilo to restaurants and private homes. But now, with a health condition, he knows he is pushing his body from riding so much. As a grandfather, with a young daughter in sixth grade and two grown children with their own families, he does his best to stay healthy.


While visiting Senarath’s household, his wife tells us, Because he loves the bike so much everyone knows that no one else can use it. Not even to hang their coat. She adds, He blesses it with incense during devotions every morning. Senarath’s household all know and respect how much the bike means to him.