Wheels of Change

To assess the effectiveness of our bicycle program on adolescent girls’ education and empowerment, World Bicycle Relief, with support from the UBS Optimus Foundation, commissioned “Wheels of Change,” a randomized controlled trial by industry leader Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA).

For the past 10 years, World Bicycle Relief has partnered with the Ministry of General Education in Zambia to implement a study-to-own bicycle program for students, particularly girls, to improve school attendance, retention, and performance through a cost-effective locally managed program.

The Wheels of Change study followed 2,471 girls from 100 primary schools in three districts in Zambia. Researchers measured the effect the bicycles had on the time it took to reach school, absenteeism, punctuality, mobility, dropout rates, and grade transitions, as well as empowerment measures such as learners’ locus of control, fertility choices, and aspirations.

After one year of observation from 2017 to 2018 and a Phase 2 follow-up study from 2019 to 2020, the study found that, equipped with bicycles:

Watch the webinar release of Wheels of Change. Speakers include Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi, World Bicycle Relief’s Alisha Myers, and Wheels of Change report co-author Nishith Prakash.

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After I received the bicycle, everything changed.

Girl Student Beneficiary | Mazabuka


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Since our founding in 2005, World Bicycle Relief has been measuring our impact and using our findings to inform our program work.
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