Zambian Mothers Share Words of Wisdom

Moms often have the best advice. More often than not, their perspective is intuitive and full of truth. It’s no different for Zambian mothers at Kalonda Primary School.

Here, they share with us words of wisdom about how Buffalo Bicycles and the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program are creating access to education and strengthening bonds for families in their community. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, moms!


On why bicycles are important for girls and the future of their families

“Us parents say early marriage, it pains us. The children have lost out,” says Harriet’s mother, Barbara. “If they marry at a tender age, there is no one to support them. When Harriet finishes school, she can help the family with her education. She will be able to provide – materially and socially. It’s the best inheritance for the child to be educated.”


On strengthening mother-daughter relationships

“My interaction with my children, especially my daughter, has changed since the bicycle,” says Joyce, mother of Busiku, who is in Grade 7. “Before, it would be difficult. Now she goes and comes back in good time. Our relationship has improved. There is no resistance to go and help with errands.”


On how access to education creates economic progress

“We were suffering! A person would take their whole day to reach home,” says Judith. “In olden times, we had no knowledge of hand pumps. We drank water from shallow wells where we had bathed. We shared the same wells with animals. This change is education.

I am happy with the bicycle. With time saved and my family remaining healthy, Changu (my daughter) comes home now and helps with chores. Plus, she is becoming more adventurous. She is growing vegetables and selling them. This is helping us parents,” beams Judith.

On the benefits for the whole family

“My eldest daughter is able to carry along her sister who has a problem with pain in the legs,” says Milda, who is thrilled that both daughters are now able to attend school regularly.

On why bicycles are making a difference

Kalonda Primary School Head Teacher Mrs. Naomi Hapaku confirms what all parents are excited about with bicycle transportation and the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program:

“Outside of school hours, we encourage them to assist one another. If it’s not time for school, they use the bicycle for the family’s benefit. They go to the clinic, they go to town to grind mealie meal, they give each other rides to school.”

You can give mothers the opportunity to see their sons and daughters thrive with an education.

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