Thanks to you!

We're in awe. 750,000 life-changing Buffalo Bicycles are officially on the road, thanks to you! Take a look back at the incredible journey we've taken since 2005. World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 by F.K. Day and Leah Missbach Day in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami. In partnership with aid organizations in Sri Lanka, we distributed more than 24,000 bicycles to displaced survivors, providing access to education, healthcare, and livelihoods while reconnecting entire communities. From 2007 to 2009, World Bicycle Relief provided more than 23,000 bicycles to support healthcare volunteers in Zambia. With access to good-quality transportation, the volunteers could now reach more patients more quickly. And the Buffalo Bicycle was gaining popularity throughout the region. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the burden of daily water collection usually falls to women and girls. According to the UN, Forty billion working hours are lost to water collection each year. Throughout the year, supporters and fundraisers like YOU have helped us continuously achieve incredible milestones. Thank you for your generosity and dedication to the Power of Bicycles! Since 2009, World Bicycle Relief has distributed more than 247,198 bikes in Zambia alone. Before she received a bicycle in 2013, Ethel walked more than two hours across hilly terrain each day to attend school. With a bike, her commute took only 45 minutes. With bicycles, dairy farmers see a 25% increase in milk deliveries. In 2013, in partnership with World Bicycle Relief and World Vision Philippines, World Bicycle Relief, ING launched the Orange Bike project. Over five years, the initiative sponsored 5,000 new Buffalo Bicycles for students. Community Health Worker Ramadahn cares for 522 people across 105 households in Western Kenya. But when walking up to 8 km to see each patient, he could visit only a few homes per day. Things changed in 2015 when his health center, in partnership with Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) Kenya, received 30 Buffalo Bicycles to strengthen its community health systems. In 2017, 2,000 bicycles were distributed across Ghana, predominantly to girls. Student attendance increased to 88% and performance scores increased. Esawo, a 59-year-old Malawian dairy farmer and father of 10, carried 5 liters of milk on his head to the milk collection center every day for almost 4 years. When he received a Buffalo Bicycle in 2018, Esawo immediately doubled the amount of milk he sells and could also carry his daughters to school. We celebrated 500,000 bikes, thanks to you, during a distribution in Kenya. Bikes featured ribbons filled out by donors. In 2022, Australian pro cyclist Lachlan Morton visited Colombia to attend the distributions of the Buffalo Bicycles for which he raised $765,000 during his 2021 "Alt Tour" campaign. Sisters Asurina and Angela in Colombia received their bicycles in 2022, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. They treat each day like a gift. Despite heartbreak, they bike to school every day in honor of their father’s legacy - pursuing their dreams. In 2023, World Bicycle Relief officially expanded its operations to Uganda, thanks to the support of partners like the Red Cross.
It’s been an epic ride, but we’re nowhere close to finished.
We’re on a mission to provide 1 million Buffalo Bicycles and mobilize 5 million people by 2025. And then? The sky’s the limit.

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