Mobilized Communities
Imagine a community with thousands of people mobilized to pedal their way out of poverty and into a brighter future.

The catalyst for rural empowerment

Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief has collaborated with thousands of communities to connect hard-working rural women, men, girls, and boys with the services and opportunities they need to thrive. Women, in particular, face significant cultural barriers to accessing education, healthcare and employment. That’s why World Bicycle Relief’s approach prioritizes women and girls, aiming for 70% of participants receiving our bicycles to be female.

Fifteen years of learnings and insights have evolved our programming to a holistic, multi-year approach in defined geographies, with community-led programming encompassing education, healthcare, livelihoods and conservation.

This Mobilized Communities model promotes long-term bicycle use through a sustainable bicycle eco-system with our assembly and distribution facilities, spare parts supply chain, trained local mechanics and social enterprise retail outlets supporting community-led and managed programming. 

We partner with communities that create change at scale by utilizing community mobility needs assessments, bicycle supervisory committees, service-to-own contracts and strategic partnerships.


Currently, Mobilized Communities programs are underway in six locations: Cordoba, Colombia; Siaya, Kenya; Kasungu, Malawi; Mumbwa, Zambia; Chiredzi, Zimbabwe; and Hwange, Zimbabwe.

Communities on the Move
See how the community of Hwange, Zimbabwe, is changing their world with bicycles.


At every step of our holistic, community-based approach, people are coming together to help power participants forward to sustainable success.


“We share experiences, skills, and knowledge. We share challenges, successes, and find solutions to the challenges.”  – Bicycle Supervisory Committee Member

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Thriving in a mobilized community

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World Bicycle Relief partners with governments, businesses, and NGOs working in health, education, conservation and livelihoods to magnify their impact. Interested in learning more about how you can partner with World Bicycle Relief to mobilize a community? 

Communities On The Move


community spotlight


community spotlight

Children's Village

community spotlight

Children's Village

community spotlight


community spotlight


community spotlight

Hwange, Zimbabwe

2,000+ people on the move with bicycles | Program Partner: Greenline Africa



210km pedaled/month

“When I received the bicycle, I felt excited. It helped me get to school before lessons started. I dream that other children can get a bicycle so that they can overcome distance and they can go to school every day.”


Village Head

162km pedaled/month

“I act as a leader in the traditional court for 10 villages. Traveling long distances has been my greatest challenge. The bicycle has come as a great relief to my work serving the community.”


Health Worker

“I am now able to reach more patients and do more home visits. I visit my patients in time, I come home in time, cook dinner for my boys in time and have time enough to rest.”


Pump Minder

173km pedaled/month

“The coming of the bicycle is a great relief for me and my work. It means I will be able to do more work at home to support my family, and for the community, it means more boreholes will be functional through rapid response.”


Bike Mechanic

“I didn’t know anything about bicycles. Now my life has changed. I can look after my family. Our children are able to attend school, and our community is developed.”


Child Advocate, Women’s saving group facilitator

117km pedaled/month

Having a bicycle now is a huge motivation. I can meet more people in a day. With this bicycle, I will make sure women in my community are not left out.


Conservation Ranger

659km pedaled/month

“I walk from one village to the other all day long until I get back home, tired. Now that I have a bicycle, I will expand my help to the community so they get timely information.”

Hwange, Zimbabwe

2,000+ people on the move with bicycles | Program Partner: Greenline Africa

More Communities on the Move

Your support will help communities like these build livelihoods and thrive.