Changing the World on Wheels

Women and girls everywhere are powering change in their communities. Meet some of our inspiring friends making an impact with two wheels.


I believe we are all more capable than we know. The bike is a tool for anyone to explore and redefine their abilities. I am pioneering para-cycling opportunities in off-road events globally. Often the challenges we choose prepare us for the challenges we don’t choose.  

“Women on Wheels can do anything!”


As a lawyer, cyclist and advocate, I help the most vulnerable and champion cycling for everyone. As an ambassador for Cannondale, Oakley and Saris, I use my platform to get more people, particularly Muslim women and people of colour, onto two wheels. I’m keen to represent people that look like me on the road—from riding in hijab to campaigning for it in Zwift. I launched @sisters_cycling_club—an account to ‘uplift women, to create a safe space, from what we wear to how we smash down stereotypes and the patriarchy one pedalstroke at a time.’

“Women on Wheels can empower & be empowered.” 


In 2021, I started to organize rides with the purpose of creating a safe space for BIPOC riders. Our group has grown from 8 people to 60. We have organized rides on gravel and trail surfaces across Illinois. In 2022, we attended the Rough Road 100 gravel race, and the Rapha Day In Hell gravel ride. We look forward to growing this group. I have enjoyed introducing gravel riding to new people who would have otherwise been intimidated to try it out. We focus on ensuring resources are met such as bike loans, car rides, and interpersonal connections.

“Women on Wheels can change the world.” 


I believe that people transform through pushing their limits, which I am lucky enough to do every day on my bike. In my racing and riding, I want to show women in particular that anything can be accomplished when you love what you do, believe in yourself and commit to working hard along the way.

“Women on Wheels can go farliterally and figuratively.”



You haven’t lived until you give. I’m humbled to be able to use my two wheels to live that life of service to others. Reading the stories of women and girls across the globe, I could not understand why I, a former ballerina, could experience the joy of expression while they struggled to get to school. A new pastime for me, cycling, was freedom for girls thousands of miles away—freedom that I play a part in giving. So even as I rode by myself in the pandemic, I wasn’t alone. Those women were with me, pedaling to their potential. 

“Women on Wheels can win.” 


I’m not the first Black plus-size woman who has hopped on a bicycle, but I’m adding to the representation of body-positive women who cycle. Other plus-size women who thought that a bicycle could not hold them or were too scared to try cycling, often email and message me to tell me that seeing me on a bicycle has inspired them to either try cycling for the first time in their life or return to something that they loved as a child but had given up on, due to weight changes in their bodies.

“Women on wheels can be in heels workin’ the wheel”


I’m encouraging women to get on a bike and learn what they can do when they challenge themselves and learn a new sport at any age!

“Women on wheels can overcome any obstacle.”


The bike is one way I make space for maintaining my own identity in motherhood. I’m proud to show my daughter that I prioritize my health and fitness, take on big and audacious goals and challenges and show her she is capable of taking on multiple roles in life; wife, mom, daughter, entrepreneur, athlete–anything is possible. Rooted Vermont, a gravel event that I co-founded, has become one of the vehicles through which I’ve channeled my energy and commitment to encouraging gender equality on the start line.

“Women on wheels can inspire others.”


I had the privilege of witnessing World Bicycle Relief’s impact in rural Zambian communities. As a result, my perception of bicycles switched from being a tool that enhances my life to a vehicle that saves lives. The world feels different when experienced from the seat of a Buffalo Bicycle. It focused my energy on human connection and compassion rather than personal winnings. Since then, my goal has been to spread the word so more girls, women and entire communities in underdeveloped countries can have a chance to survive and thrive with bicycles.

“Women on wheels can see the future.”


I am changing the world by using my bicycle as a tool to create spaces where I, as well as others, can be seen, accepted, and understood. As an Ethiopian immigrant, it was difficult to see or meet cyclists who looked like and had the same experience as me. I stopped cycling because of it. I didn’t feel as if I belonged or that the community would truly care enough to understand me. Thus began Ride to DC, a week-long, 306-mile journey rooted in the desire for celebrating Black bodies traveling, freely.

“Women on wheels can propel change.”


As a professional cyclist from a developing country [Colombia] with limited opportunities who completed her education thanks to cycling scholarships in the US, I am able to inspire many other women and girls to pursue their dreams through the bike. Riding my bike with passion has helped me overcome physical, mental and cultural barriers. Additionally, I have been able to teach and empower women on bikes to reach the best version of themselves and make an impact in different communities!

“Women on wheels can achieve anything they set themselves to do!”


When I was in Junior High, I rode more than 10km to and from school every day. When I ride now, I am brought back to when I was a teenager and I feel I can fly–I can do anything. I founded Liv in 2008 and currently serve as the Giant Group chairperson. As the Liv Brand Champion, we put women first in everything we do. We invest 100% of our resources into delivering thoughtful products, expanded opportunities, and creating authentic connections with our community. We infuse every decision with an important perspective: ours, as women who ride. 

“Women on wheels can do anything!”


As an infectious disease epidemiologist, I am fostering the use of bikes to improve tuberculosis prevention and control and expand access to care in countries with a high burden of this disease, through the promotion of bicycles as a means for healthcare workers to reach TB patients in the community or as a means to deliver medicines and other essential goods.

“Women on wheels can spin the world.”


I have been changing the world with wheels by engaging government and city planning authorities and lecturing on urban & regional planning at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. My passion and mission are to support and push for activities and projects ensuring a balanced provision of safe and smart mobility options. I focus on both mindset change and infrastructural provision. 

“Women on wheels can change the world of cycling.”


The more people we get on two wheels, the more of a healthier, inclusive, balanced, happy community we will form. By inspiring people to #gobybike and join their friends riding, I’m hoping to create access to a lifestyle that promotes well-being, a strong immune system, awareness of nature and the environment. It also helps reduce pollution, builds respect for others, and leads to shared adventures in nature with friends.

“Women on wheels can change the world!”


The first of its kind in Italy, my blog Ladra di Biciclette introduces a style of storytelling for women which has become an inspiration for many female cyclists. I collect stories of women for whom the bicycle represents a moment of re-appropriation of joy, time and space. Writing is for me a soothing but effective tool. I now write about cycling in Il Sole24Ore, and in Io Donna, the Saturday supplement of Corriere della Sera. My first book on this subject, I Wanted The Bicycle, has just been published by Vallardi.

“Women on wheels can enjoy life and make the world a better place.”


Cycling means the world to me! In addition to keeping my body well, it helps to keep my mind strong. Discovering mountain biking helped me through a very difficult time in my life. It saved me mentally and motivated me to get stronger after an illness. As a woman who still suffers from mental health issues and juggles chronic illness, I share real-life experiences on and off my bike to help others in similar situations. I set up Ride Your Way Warriors for women to discuss all things bike in a safe space.

“Women on wheels can achieve anything they put their minds to.”


PeopleForBikes has worked for more than 20 years to get more people on bikes more often — knowing that biking brings people joy, can unite communities, and address some of society’s most pressing challenges. Increasing access to connected bike networks can benefit people from all walks of life by providing mobility, improving public health, and fighting climate change. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re working to make sure that bikes are an essential and prominent part of all aspects of recovery and beyond. I believe in the power of bikes.

“Women on wheels can lead us to a better future.”


From 2019-2020, I rode my bike EVERYWHERE. For an entire year, I biked–rain, hail or shine–no excuses. Along the way, I managed to raise nearly $9,000 for World Bicycle Relief. Now, when I don’t get to ride, I crave it. I  get agitated if I don’t get my bike fix. Cycling is a sustainable method of transportation. It keeps me healthy. And I avoid traffic jams! I still ride my bike whenever I can. I plan to keep at it—-and race too!

“Women on wheels can contribute to the local economy and reduce carbon emissions by just doing their daily thing.”


In 2012, I founded Mujeres Bici-bles, a women’s-only group to empower women through bicycles. Bike activism works to implement safe spaces to move around on bicycles, recognize the needs of women cyclists, and implement policies for cyclist and pedestrian safety, especially those that help mitigate gender violence in public spaces. Today, I work in the transport sector on gender and transport projects and I contribute to improving the mobility conditions of women cyclists to achieve gender parity in the use of bikes.

“Women on wheels can access opportunities and urban services.”


Equator Coffees is thrilled to partner with World Bicycle Relief to create a unique coffee blend that allows us to use business for good in the world. For every World Bicycle Relief Blend sold, Equator will donate $3 to World Bicycle Relief. Together, we have the power to bring independence and safety to women and girls in developing countries. #letsride

“Women on wheels can propel positive change.”



The Power of Bicycles lies in their ability to empower people to overcome whatever challenges they face.  Through sharing the inspirational message of World Bicycle Relief, we can drive forward change.

“Women on wheels can ride to a better future.”


Throughout my career as a cycling presenter, I hope that I’ve helped change the perception of women in cycling and encouraged representation in the sport. It was an honor to guest edit the first women’s edition of Rouleur this year. It felt like a milestone in representation for women and the reaction was incredible. There’s still a lot more to do. If I can help to continue that process, I’m in!

“Women on wheels can empower themselves beyond their dreams.”


By honestly sharing and celebrating both the highs and lows of professional sport, I hope to inspire people to find the courage within themselves to strive to be the best they can be. The lessons I’ve learned on the bike are so relevant to life. I hope to encourage others to get out and experience the massive positive benefits, mentally, emotionally and physically of being in the outdoors conquering a hill and flying down the other side or simply enjoying the freedom that two wheels can offer!

“Women on wheels can experience a freedom like no other.”


My bike is my passion. When I’m riding, I feel happy and free. When I ride with others, those connections on the bike lead to real shared experiences about life, friendship, relationships, and raising kids. My bike makes me a better person, and I hope I can help the people around me as well. It makes me feel so good to be able to share my love of the bike with others around the world through World Bicycle Relief.

“Women on wheels can encourage one another by sharing stories and adventures.”


I started cycling after my cancer diagnosis to try and aid my recovery and get in better shape to fight back, should my cancer ever return. My work as a cycling events organiser and compere, allows me to encourage others to take up cycling and promote all the benefits that it brings. Cycling is great for your physical and mental health, your social circle, it’s a green method of transport and it makes you happy! I wish I had started riding years ago. Don’t miss out on adventures yet to come!

“Women on wheels can enjoy the simple pleasure of a bike ride and the benefits that it brings.”


Through my journey along the Ho Chi Minh trail, the impetus of Be Good Foundation, I rediscovered the bike as a tool to inspire, challenge and motivate myself and others to be good. Instead of using the bike to gain podiums, I now use it to build and strengthen communities, inspire others to conquer challenges through worldwide events, and protect and preserve the lands we love, from trail maintenance in our own backyards to Unexploded Ordnance removal in villages of Laos.

“Women on wheels can empower each other and their communities to accomplish ANYTHING!”


I am battling for equality on my bicycle with my team, the InternationElles! I have ridden the full route of the Tour de France and I love to promote women’s cycling and inspire others to ride. I want to do my bit so that little girls have the same opportunities as their brothers. Bicycles have changed my life and I want to do the same for others. Women on bicycles should be a normal thing!

“Women on wheels can do anything!”



By doing what we love, we awaken and inspire the hearts of others.

“Women on wheels can change the world.”



Twice the Health are proud to encourage women of all abilities to find confidence on two wheels whether that’s to race or to ride.

“Women on wheels can do more and be more.”



To show I could achieve something that many thought impossible, I became the first female in history to cycle the 3000km Vuelta a Espana, one of the world’s toughest cycling challenges. It was a decisive moment where I chose to face my fears of failure and pursue something beyond my limits, and succeeded. Today, through consulting, workshops and talks, I empower women to break through their own barriers and pursue seemingly impossible challenges.

“Women on wheels can change the world!”

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