Colombia on the Move
For nearly nine million people in rural Colombia, walking is the primary mode of transportation. Distance is a barrier to progress, especially for women and girls. Despite now being classified as a middle-income country, Colombia still suffers from huge disparities in income and living conditions. We officially launched operations in Colombia in 2020, but with the support of partners since 2014, started with a strong foundation in the country. 
Our Impact in Colombia

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In accordance with the provisions of Decree 2150 of December 20, 2017, WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF COLOMBIA identified with NIT 901.344.472-8, completed the request for authorization in the Special Tax Regime for 2020. Below is the related documentation:
Legal status
Financial statements
Meeting minutes / Board of Directors
Articles of Incorporation and General Bylaws
RTE qualification requirements certificate granted by the Legal Representative and the Statutory Auditor
Background certificate
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Format 2531 Executives
Management remuneration certification


WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF COLOMBIA adopts this personal data protection policy (the “Policy”), in order to guarantee compliance with article 15 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, Law 1581 of 2012 and other regulations that modify it, complement, regulate or add. The Policy is made known to users, beneficiaries, suppliers, employees and the general public, in order to provide sufficient information about its content.