You can help rural Colombian girls and their families move forward with El Poder de Bicicletas.

For nearly nine million people in rural Colombia, walking is the primary mode of transportation. Students, health workers and entrepreneurs travel hours to reach schools, patients and markets. Distance is a barrier to progress, especially for women and girls. Only 17% of rural students attend secondary school and COVID-19 has only increased the urgent need for safe and reliable transportation. 

That’s why we’re partnering with local organizations and companies to mobilize Colombian children and their families with life-changing Buffalo Bicycles.

“All of our hope rests on Mariangel.” 13-yr-old Mariangel’s family faces many challenges, especially in light of COVID-19. But they believe in Mariangel to help carry them forward. With her bike, she just may.

Our Impact in Colombia

Colombia on the Move

In accordance with the provisions of Decree 2150 of December 20, 2017, WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF COLOMBIA identified with NIT 901.344.472-8, completed the request for authorization in the Special Tax Regime for 2020. Below is the related documentation:
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