Communities supporting communities

As part of our belief in local empowerment and ownership, we don’t choose bicycle recipients. The communities do.

Bicycle Supervisory Committees (BSC) manage their bicycle programs at the community level. 

BSCs are made up of 10-15 local members, including representatives from the school – both teachers and students – parent groups, healthcare, agriculture, social welfare, community policing, and other leaders in the area. And at least 50% of each BSC is made up of women. 

The committee monitors programming, maintenance and spare parts availability while serving as our partners on the ground. They also help identify potential bicycle recipients based on specific criteria, including distance, gender and economic status. 

Additionally, the BSC meets monthly to ensure the bicycle programming continues to run smoothly.

In forming a BSC, we host training sessions for individuals from the chosen communities to equip members with the tools to do their job, as well as hear what’s working, what’s not, and how we can help.

These participants then take the knowledge and experience they’ve acquired back to their communities to help implement programming

For each BSC that’s implemented, we gain the opportunity to learn how our programs can improve. More importantly, these committees allow bicycle recipients to thrive with the support of those who know them best: their own community. 


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