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Our mission remains unwavering: to confront the stark reality that a lack of reliable transportation is a key factor keeping nearly 1 billion people worldwide trapped in poverty.

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A new strategic journey

Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief has distributed over 780,000 bicycles to help people realize their potential – and our momentum has only grown.

In 2024, we embark on a strengthened strategic direction. As we continue to mobilize individuals and communities – particularly women and girls, youth, and marginalized communities – we will deepen our focus on growth, partnerships, and influence to scale our impact.

2023 in numbers

Delivering last-mile health

Accessing distant healthcare facilities is a challenge in rural regions. Community health workers, often volunteers, act as the lifeblood of communities, taking pressure off facilities and saving lives by conducting house visits within vast catchment areas. These health workers provide primary health services along with education, medications, and monitoring, and they make referrals when necessary. Ensuring access to essential medication through last-mile medicine delivery is particularly challenging for health workers on foot. This affects treatment for conditions like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB). With bicycles, they increase their reach by 88%, and carry essential medications and vaccines with ease.

Expanding to Uganda

In March 2023, we officially launched operations in Uganda, a country with a vibrant cycling culture and need. Through our newly established team, we’ve built valuable partnerships with the government, NGOs, and community organisations in the country, and will continue to grow our presence in 2024. Over the past decade, Techbikers, a committed collaboration of tech startup community members in Germany, has raised more than €600,000 for our programs. In December 2023, Maureen Kolenyo, regional director of World Bicycle Relief East Africa, inspired donors at the annual Buffalo Bash in Sydney. Gerhard Dashuber, founder of Radeln und Helfen e.V., and his fellow cyclists once again came together to support students with bicycles. To date, this committed group has donated more than €91,000 toward our education programs.—-World-Bicycle-Relief-—-Lael-Wilcox-—-Giving-Tuesday-—-05.jpg Ultra-endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox used her passion for pedaling to support World Bicycle Relief on Giving Tuesday 2023. Lael committed to riding one mile for every donation made in celebration of the annual day of giving, inspiring our community to give 1,000 gifts! In November 2023, our year-end event at the Velodrome in Geneva, Switzerland, inspired donors, new and old. Raising more than CA$928,000 in 2023, the 11 Gran Fondo in Toronto, Canada, provides crucial support for World Bicycle Relief’s mission and creates a platform for passionate individuals to work together to make a meaningful difference. Over the past three years, Trek Bicycle, one of World Bicycle Relief’s longest-standing partners, has mobilized its global community through its holiday campaign to raise more than US$4 million for our programs. In 2023, we celebrated five years of partnership with hotel group citizenM. citizenM has helped mobilize over 11,000 people and their families with Buffalo Bicycles since the inception of our partnership.

Thanking our community

The donors, volunteers, partners, supporters, and fundraisers that make up the World Bicycle Relief community are always surprising us with the new ways in which they help deliver the Power of Bicycles to those who need it most. We’re grateful for your continued support and look forward to achieving even more together in the years to come.

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The Buffalo: Built for big loads

In contrast to the typical lightweight recreational bike, the Buffalo Bicycle is built to carry 100kg (220lb) cargo loads over rugged terrain. Designed to be stronger, simpler, and easier to maintain than other bikes, every aspect of the Buffalo has been considered to ensure reliable performance on some of the world’s harshest roads. Over the past 17 years, the product development team has used rider feedback, supply-chain innovations, and industry knowledge to constantly evaluate and improve the Buffalo – from bike frame geometry to saddle design.

World Bicycle Relief is proud to introduce a revolutionary new component that provides Buffalo Bicycle riders a boost. Our product development team’s pioneering innovation, the two-speed freewheel with back pedal shifting, marks the milestone of our first patented product. The drivetrain offers a simple and intuitive choice between gears: high for speed and low for climbing. These gears allow riders to cover more distance in less time and with less effort and better navigate undulating terrain.

An inside look at the Buffalo

Our team has a tagline: 'More distance in less time, more load with less effort.'

Chris Raymo, World Bicycle Relief's New Product Development Team Leader

Creating jobs and sustainability

The assemblers we employ in each of our programme countries become true experts in every aspect of our bicycles. In their hands, each bicycle is assembled with care. Our assembly facilities are key to building sustainable bicycle ecosystems, serving as hubs for distributions and sources of local economic opportunity, while ensuring our bicycles and programmes create a lasting impact for the people we serve.

This is not a bike.

A reliable bicycle saves time and creates access to essential goods and services, education, new markets, and new possibilities – and a way out of the cycle of poverty. For Buffalo Bicycle riders, the value of the bicycle is ultimately measured in the time and effort it saves. Our bicycles dramatically increase efficiency, giving people more time, money, and energy to focus on what matters most. For so many, this is not a bike. It’s a life-changer!

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A Sustaining Impact

You can make a lasting impact in 2024 and beyond. Join The Hub, and your monthly contributions will build a thriving, sustainable ecosystem of support, ensuring that life-changing Buffalo Bicycles empower people in need for generations to come.