Pedal to Empower girls like Asurina and Angela

Sisters Asurina, 16, and Angela, 17, are committed to success despite all of their recent challenges and heartbreak. 

In 2021, they tragically lost their father and grandfather to Covid.

Today, despite everything, Asurina and Angela treat each day as a gift. Asurina aspires to be a veterinarian, giving lots of love to her cat Richard and dog Billon. Angela is interested in social sciences. They both continue to sew goods including mochilas (traditional Wayuu handbags), hammocks and bracelets for their family’s artisan business.  

Buffalo Bicycles are essential for their family. They use them to fetch water and reach health services. Their brother sells Buffalo Bicycles spare parts in the school’s local shop. And when asked about her favorite memory of her father, Asurina recalls fishing with her father and transporting their day’s catch on the back of their bicycle.

“It is only because of the bike that I have this memory,” she shared.    

These strong sisters say, “Our father wanted us to learn. Studying is the only thing that can give you a future. So every day we ride to school to honor our father’s memory.” 

For girls who are facing challenges, Asurina said, “Never give up. No matter how hard. You must keep going. Keep dreaming. Keep studying. For every problem, there is a solution. Something will come and motivate you to keep going.” 

“For us,” Angela said with a smile, “The bicycle is our main form of transportation. It’s also our inspiration to keep going.” 


Inspired to support more girls like Asurina and Angela? World Bicycle Relief is hosting a global ride, Pedal to Empower, on June 2-5, and you’re invited to participate by counting the kilometers you ride toward our mission to empower women and girls with wheels.
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