308,902 Bikes Distributed

1,208 Mechanics Trained



Strong As a Buffalo

Buffalo Bicycles are durable, featuring steel alloy frames, forks and spokes and a rear carrier capacity rated to 100kg. Weighing in at 5kg (a complete bike is 24kg), the heft of the steel frame is not a hindrance but evidence of the bicycle’s strength. WBR is committed to using high-quality, well-designed parts. This improves the bicycle’s functionality, reliability and strength, and keeps more Buffalo Bicycles on the road.


Good For the Long Haul

The Buffalo Bicycle is engineered for more tasks, serving as a powerful economic engine in rural communities.The specially designed frame, carrier and stand of the Buffalo Bicycle provide the stability needed to support big loads and passengers over long distances in remote areas. The short dipping top tube offers a preferred upright riding position for both men and women and allows easier mounting, especially when under load. The carrier’s rigidity coupled with the frame make load carrying much more stable. The center stand simplifies loading for heavy or bulky cargo.


Simple to Maintain

The Buffalo Bicycle is deliberately compatible with locally available spare parts, requiring only basic tools for maintenance and repair. WBR operates a Field Mechanic Training Program to help keep the bicycles rolling, using a universal training manual that instructs with pictures and diagrams rather than words. To date, over 2,000 field mechanics have been trained, offering riders access to local maintenance.

See How It's Done

Investing in Quality

While affordable, Buffalo Bicycles and spare parts can be twice as expensive as the lowest cost competition. However, social enterprise sales and customer feedback indicate the quality of the Buffalo Bicycle generates a strong return on investment. Field observations from our philanthropic programs show that recipients can avoid the majority of repair expenses with simple maintenance and better riding behavior. To help the machines last longer, we are increasing training, education and incentives for bicycle recipients.

Our Suppliers

Providing the highest quality components at the lowest possible costs, our suppliers ensure we can empower more people with life-changing mobility.

Buffalo Bicycles

Bridging the Gap

The Buffalo Bicycle is a sharp departure in a global supply chain oriented towards lightweight, complex, recreational bikes sold to middle- and upper-income users. Our collaboration with industry leaders reflects a shared commitment to create a stronger, simpler, more affordable bicycle that will meet the needs of individuals in rural regions of developing countries. When we ask for a bike that is stronger, simpler and affordable, our suppliers support us with real commitment. Every component we develop has to balance performance, cost and the time it takes to bring it to market. A good bike assembled poorly will be a poor-quality bike. Maintaining our own assembly plants across Africa gives us control over this vital process and enables us to deliver a high-quality, ready-to-ride bike to our end users.