Gearing Up for the 2015 Team WBR Ambassadors

In its second year, the Team WBR Ambassador program continues to thrive. Three individuals, representing a diverse background of cycling interests, were chosen in the beginning of 2014 to lead Team WBR throughout the year. These athletes were equipped with a bike and all the essential gear from our generous team partners with a goal to raise $15,900–enough to provide 100 bikes into the field and train 10 mechanics. Beyond the fundraising efforts, these individuals are also the leading voices for our organization at key races and events around the country and the world.

Steve Burns, Lisa Nelson, and Josh Kline led the charge this year, raising over $50,000 and having a presence at everything from cyclocross to century rides to triathlons, from the trails of Leadville, CO to the epic climbs in the French Alps. And whether they were on a quick weekend training ride or a 48 hour long endurance race, they always sported their WBR colors.Their commitment to our mission and organization is nothing short of extraordinary. They continue to use their passion for pedaling to share the Power of Bicycles, and you can too! Want to join the team? We’ll be accepting applications for the 2015 Ambassador program starting in January. Check out the links below to learn more!

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