Increasing access through Buffalo Bicycle shops

In developing regions of the world millions of people rely on walking to access schools, clinics, markets and job opportunities. Here, affordable and reliable Buffalo Bicycles help lift families and communities out of poverty.

World Bicycle Relief’s innovative model provides bicycles through philanthropic programs and social enterprise sales. To ensure the long-term success of these programs, we build and operate local Buffalo Bicycle shops.

Our network of Buffalo Bicycle shops is a vital part of our work to support mobilized communities. Shops are strategically located based on the concentration of our philanthropic program bicycles and social enterprise sales. Each shop provides its community with access to spare parts, as well as support and resources to keep bicycles on the road and moving people forward.

The bicycle’s cross-cutting benefits flourish when access to bicycles becomes a self-sustaining community pursuit. By working together with communities, our collective knowledge creates stronger solutions that multiply our impact.

In 2019, we opened six new Buffalo Bicycle shops across four countries – totaling 19 retail shops in total so far.

Access to quality spare parts is an essential ingredient for mobilized communities.

Dave Neiswander
World Bicycle Relief

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