Seizing opportunity for a brighter future

Jenny arrived in La Guajira, Colombia, seven years ago from Venezuela as a migrant looking for better economic opportunities.  

With support and training from World Vision, she found her calling in the traditional craft of Wayúu mochilas (bags). Her day starts early, heading to the market to gather supplies before returning home to weave her creations. Jenny sources the materials – from threads to beads – then meticulously crafts each bag by hand. 

But finding reliable transport to and from the market posed a challenge.

Then, World Vision partnered with World Bicycle Relief to distribute Buffalo Bicycles to the training group. Jenny received a bicycle, transforming her ability to move around the city and run her business more efficiently. With her newfound mobility, Jenny expanded her business and reached more customers. 

Later, when offered the chance to train as a bike mechanic, Jenny seized the opportunity to expand her skill set and open up new possibilities for the future. 

As Jenny reflects on her journey, she says she hopes that programs like these continue to support communities like hers.

We can’t wait to see where Jenny goes next, armed with two wheels and determined to persevere. 

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