Malawian farmer creates ripple effect on two wheels

Larsen, an irrigation farmer in Malawi, found himself caught in a cycle of limited opportunities. 

Between the high cost of transportation and long distances to market, Larsen faced a constant struggle to sell his produce, affecting his income and preventing him from reaching his full potential.

Then Larsen’s life took a remarkable turn when he received a Buffalo Bicycle from World Bicycle Relief. 

Overnight, the bicycle became more than just a mode of transportation for Larsen. It was a tool for empowerment, enabling him to carry more goods to various markets without spending a single penny on transportation. 

With the time he saved, Larsen channeled his energy into expanding his maize fields and even created employment opportunities for three people from his community. His own income increased while supporting the economic growth of those around him – a testament to the ripple effect that a bicycle can create within a community. 

Larsen also spends more time with his family, who can now afford a variety of foods and easily access health services and community events. 

When asked about the bicycle’s significance, Larsen expressed: “Others think you gave me a bicycle, but I say you gave me capital and time.”    

By investing in bicycles, we are not just providing transportation; we are building roads to a better life.

With your support, we can give opportunity and life-changing mobility to people like Larsen around the world.
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