Nine-year-old Endures the Elements for Bikes

In the long Vermont winter, amidst temperatures as severe as ten below zero, nine-year-old Griffin Donovan is riding his bike to school every day. Since December 1, 2011, Griffin has biked three miles each way to and from his school to raise awareness and funds for World Bicycle Relief.

Griffin was inspired to support WBR through a teacher at his Waldorf School A South African who shared that his daughter had to walk four miles to school each day, often arriving late and causing anger among her instructors. This story motivated Griffin to reach out in a way that would help children like her get to school more easily and efficiently. So, he partnered with WBR to raise money by cycling through ice and snow to get his community’s attention! So far, Griffin has raised $1,541 and is almost to his goal of $2,000.

Griffin rides in a bright orange jacket with a flashing light on his helmet, dodging snow banks and ice patches along his three mile journey each day. He even rides in the rain. Griffin states, Sometimes it is very windy, sometimes it is snowing and sometimes it is so icy on the sidewalk that I have to bike in the road. But I feel happy every day that I bike because I know other kids will get bikes. I am going to try to keep biking every day until I have reached my goal.

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