Quarq Employees Channel Buffalo-like Strength for Bike to Work Month

Kevin Jasper and Kai Gonzalez wanted National Ride Your Bike to Work Month to be extra special this year. So in May, they decided to get their colleagues at Quarq on their bikes and add a little friendly competition to the mix. From logged miles competitions to donations to extra bonuses for people who rode an actual WBR Buffalo Bike, the month was a huge success.

Riders would receive credit for mileage on rides to and from work with an extra bonus for them–and WBR–if a rider rode a Buffalo bike on that commute. Generous donors made commitments to give based on the number of miles logged. Employees were thoroughly encouraged with the promise of prizes and fun for riders. A special bonus of a free fancy coffee of their choice was given to Tatanka Warriors who elected to use the Buffalo Bike on a commute.

“A Buffalo bike stands out amongst the crowd and begs for questions. Many of us would end up sharing the story of WBR and the Buffalo bikes to people on our way to work.”

The Quarq riders also participated in city-wide Bike to Work events in their town of Spearfish, SD, including breakfast and lunch rides and a Poker Run. With a few other organized group rides to encourage camaraderie, the riders were often wet from rain and cold from snow but they persevered for the donuts and coffee they were rewarded with for riding their bike — but more so they were rewarded with the knowledge that they were empowering life-changing transformation all over the world.

“We are part of SRAM and WBR is part of the SRAM family, so it was very natural for us to decide to do something to support WBR. We also live in an area where the Tantanka (Buffalo) is a highly regarded animal. The word Tatanka is used in our community to convey strength and courage and the Buffalo is well respected. So it was great to help raise money to help communities that like ours have regard for the strength the Buffalo has.”

All the members of the Quarq team worked well together and implemented a great project, pushing each other to ride even on the hard days. Kai worked hard to get donations for those miles, and Kevin helped organize events and keep things fun for riders. Overall they raised over $2,500 due to the awesome mileage the team put in — check out all their stats in the chart above.

Thanks to Kevin, Kai and all of the Quarq riders for participating in Bike to Work Month for the Power of Bicycles!

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