The Buffalo Utility S2
Featuring our ground-breaking and award-winning 2-speed, 2-chain drivetrain. Where innovation meets impact.

Product Vision

In the regions where we work, the value of a bicycle lies in its ability to help people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. With our innovative multispeed drivetrain, riders can ride farther with less effort - increasing their opportunity for success.

A one-of-a-kind drivetrain

The drivetrain is a system of components that converts the pedaling motion of the rider into the forward motion of the bicycle. It’s what puts the “cycle” in “bicycle” and what makes a bicycle such an efficient mode of transport. Our patented drivetrain is made up of:

  • AK2 FREEWHEEL: A patented new 2-speed freewheel with back-pedal shifting
  • CRANKSET: A unique double crankset that has a low gear for climbing/hauling heavy loads and a high gear for flatter terrain
  • 2 CHAINS: 1/8″ single-speed with quick link, inboard 100 links, outboard 110 links
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Why the drivetrain?

Our simple and durable drivetrain provides two gears, which delivers on performance without the complexity of other multispeed systems.


  • No sensitive external components like those on a rear derailleur that could be bent, damaged or contaminated
  • The 2-speed system offers a simple and intuitive choice between high (for speed) and low (for climbing) gear.
  • If a rider breaks one of the chains, they can keep riding with the other chain to their destination with minimal delay
  • The AK2 Freewheel’s construction allows for future improvements that have been under consideration (e.g: aluminum rims and caliper brakes)
  • All interfaces follow bike industry standards typical to components widely accepted within the target market

Award Winning Recognition

The Buffalo Bicycle Utility S2 has been honored with a Eurobike Award in the “Bicycles” category, celebrating excellence in design and innovation within the cycling industry. This accolade underscores the significant impact and groundbreaking nature of the Utility S2.

If you change the gears, it can go faster, even if you are climbing the mountain.

Utility S2 Rider
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