How Sandry used a bike to reclaim her future

Sixteen-year-old Sandry is a strong young woman with a clear vision for her future and a passion for learning. She’s especially proud to be a Wayuu woman, an indigenous tribe in Latin America. As she says, “We do more. We cook. We clean. And we are also leaders in our community.”   

In Sandry’s community, women are revered, and considered the “children of the true goddess.” 

I want to keep working hard so that I can be the strongest woman that I can be.

Sandry, 16 yrs

“Being a Wayuu woman makes me feel strong. I want to keep working hard so that I can be the strongest woman that I can be.” 

When girls in Sandry’s community begin menstruation, they stay at home for a length of time, learning important life skills from mothers and elders. Sandry was home for a full month when she got her first period. Her teacher sent schoolwork for her to study and despite not being in attendance, when she returned to school, Sandry was awarded first prize in her class for her grades. Sandry credits her success to her love of learning. Sandry hopes all girls will have the chance at education that she has had. Sandry travels the difficult terrain in La Guajira, Colombia each day to reach school. Sandry dreams of being a social worker to help other girls overcome their challenges. Part of Sandry's four-kilometer journey home every day. With her bicycle, Sandry now arrives to school on time and ready to learn.

Sandry is one of five children in her family. Her father is a fisherman and leaves very early in the morning for work on his motorbike. Her father would try to be back in time to help Sandry get to school but was often late. Instead of waiting for her Dad, Sandry would usually walk the four kilometers to school on the dirt roads. 

Sandry would usually get very tired walking and arrive at school late or sometimes miss class altogether. This changed when she received a Buffalo Bicycle. Now she saves time and has the energy to learn when she gets to school. 

Sandry’s dream is to become a social worker, inspired by the example of a teacher and social worker who helped her. Sandy would love to work with kids, teaching lessons through theater and other interactive activities. 

When she’s not studying, Sandry loves to play soccer. She also uses her bike to go and collect water with her friends. She enjoys going together, she says, “We just have fun, riding.” 

Sandry’s dream for her community is to have more access to education. She says she wants all girls to have the chance to learn as she has had.

You can help fulfill Sandry’s mission and mobilize more women and girls with life-changing bicycles.

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