Scott Boyd Crunches the Numbers for the Power of Bikes

1,355 dollars raised for World Bicycle Relief as of August 1
38 days until the start of the Haute Route in Geneva
600 cyclists racing
7 stages in the race
21,000/68,897 total meters/feet climbing in the Haute Route
117,654/386,003 total meters/feet I’ve climbed in training since January 1
7 bee stings in training
4 training tires worn out
1 flat tires while training (cross your fingers)
8,118/5,044 kilometers/miles ridden since January 1
2 times a local villager has invited me in for coffee as I ride past
5 times my ride has been interrupted by sheep/goat traffic jam
1 times my ride has been interrupted by army tanks
866/538 kilometers/miles to ride in the 7 stages of the Haute Route
304 hours I’ve ridden since January 1

What are all these numbers? They are the specs on amateur cyclist and cancer survivor Scott H. Boyd. On August 18, Scott is setting out on the hardest and highest amateur race in the world–the Haute Route Alps 2013. The 7 day, 7 stage cyclosportive and amateur race from Geneva to Nice is 866 kilometers (538 miles) with over 21,000 meters of climbing through the French Alps.

With about 600 other cyclists racing the Alps, Scott Boyd plans to make himself known as the World Bicycle Relief guy as he’s racing for the Power of Bicycles, increasing WBR’s exposure in Europe while meanwhile raising $2,680 USD through the ride.

Having already been selected for a featured rider interview with the organizers of the race, Scott is doing everything he can to make know his cause. The Haute Route will be covered through photography and video that will culminate in a documentary airing on Eurosport in January 2013. He expresses, I hope that my participation in the event will prompt people to support World Bicycle Relief as well as increase awareness of World Bicycle Relief and its mission in Europe and beyond.

And Scott has quite an amazing story to share–having raced bicycles since 1988, he was diagnosed with cancer at age 23, losing several internal organs to the disease. He knows that his bike saved his life, providing him the motivation to regain his physical and emotional strength. Now that he’s a bit older, he’s ready to give back and provide others that same kind of hope.

Best of Luck on the Haute Route, Scott! Thanks for sharing the Power of Bikes!

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