The Power of Empathy: ING Team Cycles Asia for Third Year

The ING Orange Bike Cycling Challenge is back for a third year to raise funds for the ING Orange Bike project. Challenge participants will ride from Ayutthaya, the old capital of the Kingdom of Siam to the UNESCO certified ruins of Sukhothai – putting their endurance to the test by cycling 700 kilometers (over 430 miles) in seven days. And it’s all to raise funds for the ING Orange Bike project, a partnership with World Bicycle Relief in Asia. The ING Orange Bike project provides bicycles to kids who live in remote locations in Asia, to enable them to get to school faster and safer. Launched in 2013, the project aims to provide 5,000 bikes to children in Asia over five years. To date, about 3,200 bikes have been given to children in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

The team kicks off their ride March 26 in Thailand. With a goal to raise a massive $75,000, they will give the ING Orange Bike Project a huge push toward its goal. With a superpower theme, they hope others will join them in this super distance by showing off another kind of super power – empathy.

Team leader Shayne Prashan explains:

“Orange Bike is about Superheroes and Superpowers indeed. But it’s about the only superpower that makes us human: Empathy. It invites us on one of the greatest and most courageous adventures of our lives: to step into someone else’s shoes to understand their struggles and help them walk through life with confidence and faith.”

With their superpowers taking them through the scorching heat and rolling miles, the team hopes that others will join them in sharing the Power of Bicycles by donating as they ride. Learn more about each rider below!

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Meet Gary 

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