5000 Downunder

Earlier this year, Jack and Mark came out from England to embark on their 5000km adventure from Perth to Sydney to raise money for World Bicycle Relief Australia. This trip was an enormous undertaking, and the photos and footage these two took on the trip is truly breathtaking. They reached their goal of £4500 – a huge achievement.

From Jack and Mark:


All good things must come to an end. 50 days after leaving Perth we’d run out of Australia. A final bit of coast road and a bumpy footpath across the Royal National Park brought us to the Opera House – our finish line. All that’s in front of us is the Pacific Ocean.

Staring at the landmark in front of us, it started to sink in that our trip had finished. Despite the elation and relief at having finally made it, our overwhelming emotion was sadness that we’d come to such an abrupt end.

No more lying outside our tents stargazing in the freezing cold huddled under a poncho. No more mornings spent racing kangaroos on the Nullarbor. And no more skidding over the top of snowy mountain ranges in t-shirts.

But what a journey! Thank you to everyone who has followed our trip – and especially to those who have so generously donated to WBR.

For more on Jack and Mark’s trip, check out their blog with a stack of great photos. They really are artists with the drone footage! And a huge thanks to Jack and Mark – and their community – for supporting The Power of Bicycles!

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